Create Schedule-Registration Application (Admin)

Create Schedule-Registration Application (Admin)

Pembuatan Jadwal

Scheduling courses can be done two ways, namely through import-export facility and adding directly to the system. Some steps to perform scheduling through import-export facility, namely:

  1. Open the application curriculum – Reports – Course Reports. To get the data subject courses will be offered based on each study program. Then do export courses.
  2. If you already have data .csv course, do the import schedule to Registration Application.
  3. Then do export to schedule lectures on subjects bid
  4. The final stage, import a course schedule

Penjadwalan Matakuliah

Export courses each of study programs, namely:

  1. Open the application curriculum – Report – course report
  2. Set curriculum and study program
  3. Click button Export to csv

Tahapan Penjadwalan

Import courses with .csv format namely:

  1. Open Registration application – subject – imports course
  2. Browse the data to be imported
  3. Select the type of import (plus sign)

Impor Matakuliah

Do export courses in .csv format namely:

  1. Open Application Registration – Courses – View courses
  2. Set up the curriculum, semester, academic year, study program as needed
  3. Select the Export button to schedule courses

Ekspor Matakuliah

Do import schedule course in .csv format namely:

  1. Open the registration application – Schedule – import schedule
  2. Browse the data to be imported
  3. Select the type of import schedule

Impor Jadwal Matakuliah

Download file here .docx, .pdf


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