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IDEA Socialization documentation April 2015

Dokumentasi Sosialisasi IDEA April 2015 DOC DSC_1374_JPG DSC_1374_1600x900_JPG DSC_1374_800x450_JPG DSC_1374_640x360_JPG DSC_1374_600x337_JPG DSC_1374_320x180_JPG DSC_1374 (Large)_JPG DSC_1372_JPG DSC_1372_1600x900_JPG DSC_1372_800x450_JPG DSC_1372_640x360_JPG DSC_1372_600x337_JPG DSC_1372_320x180_JPG DSC_1372 (Large)_JPG DSC_1371_JPG DSC_1371_1600x900_JPG DSC_1371_800x450_JPG DSC_1371_640x360_JPGDSC_1371_600x337_JPG DSC_1371_320x180_JPG DSC_1371 (Large)_JPG DSC_1370_JPG DSC_1370_1600x900_JPG DSC_1370_800x450_JPG DSC_1370_640x360_JPG DSC_1370_600x337_JPG DSC_1370_320x180_JPG DSC_1370 (Large)_JPG DSC_1369_JPG DSC_1369_1600x900_JPG DSC_1369_800x450_JPG DSC_1369_640x360_JPG   Sosialisasi IDEA pdf (37) SosialisasiRead more

Socialization of Application IDEA

Socialization of Elearning & Distance Learning Application was held on April 6, 2015 in AULA Faculty of Creative Industries, Telkom University. Distance Learning Applications offered by the Directorate of Information Systems, is expected to be able to provide some innovations, one of that is self-organizing learning methods that trigger active learning motivation

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Socialization of Application IDEA 6 April 2015

Socialization Application IDEA 6 April 2015 AULA Faculty of Creative Industries Hours 09: 00-12: 00 Event Details: – Opentable SISFO Services Accounts and other services – Opentable Microsoft Applications License Activation Microsoft for Students and Employees Tel-U Dream Spark – Presentation Application IDEA 2 Points of TAK

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