Penambahan Matakuliah Tawar

The data required to add a course that offers:

  1. Curriculum Year
  2. Study Program
  3. Subject

Add Detail

Import Course

Export of each course of study programs:

  1. Open the curriculum application – Report – report subjects
  2. Set the curriculum and study program
  3. Click the Export to csv

Import Course 2

Import course .csv format is:

  1. Open Registration application – Subjects – Import subject
  2. Browse the data to be imported
  3. Select the type of import

View Course

View course
Click to download the file formats courses .csv

Keterangan Matakuliah

Course Allocation

Course Allocation

On the menu is accompanied by information:

  • Quota: Quota available
  • Remaining reservation: Quota remaining that have not been fixed (yet print KSM)
  • Remaining quota: Quota remaining is already booked (already printed KSM)

Download file here .docx.pdf