Name : Amarilis Putri Y., ST., MT

Position : Assistant Manager of Development Information System Non Academic

Job Description and Responsibility :

  1. Responsible as a team leader throughout the development of information systems related to non-academic users and stakeholders for university
  2. Involved in the development team  the ICT blueprint and the methodology of achieving of each stage in the ICT blueprint
  3. Analyze and develop a work program and application development activities and non-academic information system and application documentation and system
  4. Responsible for the internal user needs analysis (level managersdirectors and managersto adjust the business processes of the university with information system applications
  5. Creating activities and performance reports periodically to the Manager of Research and Development of Information Systems

Authority :

  1. Sign the letter associated with the internal and inter-unit activity if Manager of RISBANGSI no in place.
  2. Assign staff to carry out the work under it in the Directorate Informaton System.
  3. Coordinate with related units to perform activities of institutions and the development of information systems.

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