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Meeting Library Application was held on September 24, 2014 in Video Conference RoomBuilding DFloor 2nd.

The meeting discussed:

1. Data Repository has not entered all of the data x institutes YPT-> just IT Telkom, another new institution only give the data template. Physical data have not been entered
2. from Information System

  • Open library is up for running, but Information System no support for its development and to request the data will be supported
  • If TETA tomorrow runs, TETA just goes through igracias. TETA = Application TA / PA / Thesis
  • in release, but will use a library unit, but returned again to the decision Vice Rector 3
  • Repository does not need SSO, to only see the catalog. Opening the library application also does not need SSO to view the catalog of books
  • Repository contains only the internal work of academic content TelU (TA, Thesis, Thesis)
  • Open library contains mixture including catalog book (open book by itself belongs to TelU)
  • connectivity integrated should be criteria of system development
  • Clarity connectivity must be explained on Open Library
    • Where is Server Open Library ?
    • How integration with igracias and the user’s identity
    • What if through SSO?
  • Policy approach should be through IT Governance
    • ISO 20000
    • Approach through IT Governance that whole policy of each unit is integrated with the institution BISPRO

Directorate of Information Systems.

Telkom University.

Download here .pdf (RTM), .mp3 (audio)

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