Kerjasama Mobile App Telkomsel 6

Meeting of Cooperation Preparation Mobile App Telkomsel and Telkom University was held on September 10, 2014 in Video Conference RoomBuilding DFloor 2nd.

The meeting discussed:

1. Information student activities
2. Applications offered TelU should be able to offer the particular package:

    • Full service: igracias web based + mobile reporting app + transaction academic + community services
    • Medium: reporting igracias + transaction academic + community services
    • Minimum service: reporting igracias + community service

3. Demo mobile application must be completed on October 5, 2014
4. Dummy igracias web-based application should be completed

IMG_0388  IMG_0389IMG_0390  IMG_0391IMG_0393  IMG_0394

Directorate of Information Systems.

Telkom University.

Download here .pdf, .avi (video)

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