Meeting of Directorate Information System With Oracle

Pertemuan dengan Oracle

Meeting Directorate Information System With Oracle was held on October 24, 2014, in the Video Conference Room, Building D, Floor 2. Directorate of Information Systems. At this meeting discussed the following matters: 1. In the first session, the Directorate of Information Systems explained: Profile of Information Systems at Telkom University Information System Application

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Visitation Telkom University to Open University

Kunjungan ke UT

Visitation Telkom University to Open University  on 15 October 2014. Matters discussed are as follows: Unit Learning Centre Thesis for all graduates of S1, S2, and S3 must publish scientific papers. Counseling through face-to-face and online use Moodle (LMS) Learning Media competency-based and develop GBPP. Content Development. How to keep the

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Meeting of Directorate Information System Coordination

Rakor Sisfo

Meeting of Directorate Information System Coordination was held on October 6, 2014 in Video Conference Room, Building D, Floor 2nd. The meeting discussed: 1. The database is supposed to beta database, not to the RAC, confirmed PIC: Arief Nugroho  2. Internal Quality Audit in Komlac Division are as follows: Survey to end users less –> result output Documents, IK, the procedure is complete

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Visitation of ST3 Telkom, Purwokerto

Kunjungan ST3 Telkom

Visitation of ST3 Telkom, Purwokerto was held on October 26, 2014 in Video Conference Room, Building D, Floor 2nd. This visit aims to explain profile of directorate information systems, Telkom University and a demo iGracias application to ST3  Telkom, Purwokerto. ST3 Telkom already has the academic system but needs changes to include the following : Services include business process needs of the academic Suitability

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Meeting Library Application

Logo Research and Development Information System Tel-U

Meeting Library Application was held on September 24, 2014 in Video Conference Room, Building D, Floor 2nd. The meeting discussed: 1. Data Repository has not entered all of the data x institutes YPT-> just IT Telkom, another new institution only give the data template. Physical data have not been entered 2. from Information System Open library is up for

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