Aplikasi WisudaThe Stage of Registration Graduation:

1. Accessing igracias.telkomuniversity.ac.id, using SSO

  • Fill out the questionnaire in Survey Application 
  • Completing the online graduation registration data in graduation application

2. Validation graduation payments to the Finance Department for each faculty

3. Approve registration by BAA each faculty

Langkah Menggunakan Aplikasi WisudaStep using the graduation application:

  1. Open https://igracias.telkomuniversity.ac.id, login using the username and password SSO students
  2. Choose Graduation Application on the application list. Following Graduation Application menu display.
  3. Fill in the questionnaire as shown below.

Kuisioner4. Complete the registration data are available. Next, Submit the graduation data by pressing the button Register Graduation

Pendaftaran5. Print Form of Registration Graduation 

Cetak Bukti Pengisian Wisuda

Validasi Pembayaran Wisuda

Stage 2: Validation of Payment Graduation

One of the graduation requirements following graduation which is paid administration in accordance with a predetermined amount. Students can make payment validation graduation to the Finance Department each Faculty, with give the print of payment of the registration fee (from Bank).

Stage 3: Approve Registration by BAA

The last stage that students must pass is approval follow the graduation by BAA, with :

  1. Students submit a graduation form provided by BAA of each faculty
  2. Students fill in the questionnaire, complete the online graduation registration data and submit the online graduation registration file
  3. Students complete the other requirements listed in the online graduation application (including payment validation graduation)

All files submitted to the BAA faculty appropriate schedule registration predetermined graduation.

Download file here .pdf, .docx