Pengelolaan Registrasi Mahasiswa

Registration Management – Registration Status
Facility to determine registration status information based on study program, the registration (pre-registration, registration finals, PRS) as well as certain actions when registration.

Changing Class

Registration Management – Changing Class

  • Features that handle to move the class to the students in each study program.
  • Move bullet radio button on the class as need, then Update.
  • Move class can be done if the student has not done the fix registration (not printed KSM)

Changing Class 2

Reset student registration:

  1. Select the menu Select students then select student
  2. Press the Reset

Changing Class 3

Registration Management

Stages of manage student namely:

  1. Students have to pre-registration if there
  2. Do before students printing KSM
  3. Click action manage students, then will appear the following details:
  4. Select the students who want to move specialization courses that have been selected as pre-registration (class information on the left), so that when the normal registration will switch classes (class information on the right).

Study Card Check

Registration Management – Study Card Check

Features to check KSM through code (serial number) specified.

  1. Enter the serial number (KSM)
  2. Click to print KSM

Download file here .docx, .pdf