“Microsoft in Education (We are Partners in Learning)” Invitation

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Invitation from Microsoft regarding the event “Microsoft in Education (We are Partners in Learning)” on October 21, 2014 at Balai Kartini Jakarta. In this event discussed about:

1. Extending the Global Skills & Job Market Landscape.

There are many institutions in Indonesia that do not provide the facility by IT educational institutions to their students to the needs of the global market. Yet should the facilities provided are as follows:

  • E-Learning Technologies from Microsoft
  • Planning for Teaching learning material for teacher to the needs of industry
  • Curriculum Provision for office skills and basic information technology in academic curriculum
  • Provide full access to the software developer specialized software for students / teachers
  • Provide Professional Development curriculum for teachers/students

2. Mobility in Education / Digital Campus
Microsoft program is to support the education to make it more fun, effective, efficient and “mobile”. Some programs are described:

  • Youthspark, is a program from Microsoft that is given to the 300 million young people from 100 countries (more).
  • Introducing new tablet supporting learning mobility for students
  • Introducing Windows 10
  • Introducing Micrososft Siena, is a application in Windows 10 preformance intended for children or people to be able to easily create mobile applications
  • Introduces Photosynth application, is a application in Windows 10 that is used to create a 3D world from the camera phone / other mobile devices.
  • Introducing Office Mix, is a application in Windows 10 that is used to create multimedia slides for e-learning content

3. Education Goes to Campus

Microsoft programs are made to the campus environment with the purpose of education is to help change the world in the field of technology, support teachers by providing specialized programs to the current industrial world, inspiring the student to be able to create a better future for themselves & people around, and empower schools and universities.

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