Pengaturan Registrasi

In the scheduling system, there’s setting the permissions to regulate the registration, which is on the menu Settingsregistration privilege. Setting these permissions in a way:

  1. Checklist box according line of action.
  2. If there is a check box, a user indicates which members of the usergroup can take action in accordance with the data rows that have be checked.
  3. Then Update Privilege

Settings – Schedule Privilege
Function of this menu is to set the users who can access the registration schedule.

Schedule Privilege

Settings – Registration Schedule
Details of this functionality can be found in the User Manual Schedulingadmin because of associated scheduling. Function of this menu is to set the course of the registration schedule.

Registration Schedule

Settings – Set Semester
The picture above is a display to set semester of the year and determine the even or odd semester of each particular application.

Set Semester

Subject Exception

Settings – Max Credit Rule
Facilities for the determination of GPA standards as a rule making the maximum number of SKS based on certain student number’s and certain study programs.

Max Credit Rule

Max Credit Rule 2

Settings – Unregistration
A feature for managing student that absent registration . Generate unregistration and will forfeit automatically generate absent students.


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