i-Gracias Academic Application User Manual for Parents

Aplikasi Akademik

i-Gracias (Integrated Academic Information System) is an application that provides services to the entire Telkom University academic community. i-Gracias using single sign-on system that just by having a single account, users can access a wide range of applications that available on i-Gracias. i-Gracias users including the leadership, faculty, students, staff, and parents/guardians of students.
This user manual is intended for parents/guardians of students who want to use i-Gracias to see the academic activities of their son/daughter during the lecture at Telkom University. Parents will get an i-Gracias username and password through a broadcast message sent to the telephone number of the parents/guardians of students at the time of re-registration of new students and  also listed on Student Progress Report (LKS) in every semester. Activities that parents/guardians can do on the i-Gracias are view the students counseling data, schedules, payment history for all semesters, and print Student Progress Reports (LKS).

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