Cover Manajemen Dashboard

Dashhboard Management is a system that facilitates to create new applications using modules that are already available.

The system is used for superadmin dashboard for managing applications among which add applications, set the pages as well as layouts, add modules, set user permissions (priveledge users and user groups). Management Dashboard URL ie

Overview Manajemen Dashboard

The main stages to produce new applications, namely:

Membuat Aplikasi Baru

Before registering modules application builder, need to do some things outside of the system, namely:

  1. Designing a library of what will be arranged according to application needs to be built
  2. Provide .php file into a folder-type modules in the system. The file is empty or already contain a ready-made script module
  3. File modules ready to be registered or added to the Dashboard to manage.Kelola Modul

The first step to create a new application by selecting the required module according to application needs. Previously, how to add modules, namely:
1. Select the menu Modules – Add Module
2. Fill in the fields provided

Name : Name of the module
Description : Specification or description of the module
Path To Module File : Address
storage modules: modules/filename module .php

3. Then select the add buttonKelola Modul 2


  • Click to find pages that are used in applications
  • Click one of the links of application to access the applicationKelola Aplikasi

In this case we take samples which make the application of curriculum. Steps to create a curriculum application :

  1. Select the Applications menu – Add Application
  2. Fill in the fields provided. Activated status when in cheked, then the application can be accessed, whereas if not in checked, the application was switched off (not accessible)
  3. Press the Add button, if the data has been prepared is stored into the databaseKelola Aplikasi 2

Kelola Aplikasi 3Download file here .pdf