Open Recruitment at Directorate Information System – Telkom University

Open Recruitment at Directorate Information System – Telkom University

Open Recruitment at Directorate Information Systems, Telkom University. Carrier Opportunity open to graduates of S1, D4, and D3 for a career in Directorate Information Systems, Telkom University (Tel-U) as a professional employee

General Qualifications:

  • Male / Female
  • Mastering English
  • Age 23-30 years
  • Honest, diligent, and hardworking
  • Have good communication skills
  • Can work individually
  • Can work in team well
  • Having a good working attitude and discipline
  • Good Problem Solver
  • Willing to learn and able to work under pressure

1. Programmer / Enterprise Application Developer

Job Responsibilities:

  • Build / develop software especially at the stage of construction to perform coding with the specified programming language
  • Implement the requirements and design of business processes to the computer by using the algorithm / logic and programming language
  • Perform testing on software
  • Documenting the program (which has been made) along Technical Writer

Experience Requirements:

  • Engineering graduates, preferably in Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Technology, or any other computer-related majors
  • Experienced to create applications with the framework itself / specific
  • Experienced in development work or modifications to the application CMS (Content Management System) or existing applications
  • Experienced in connect / integrate with LDAP applications, APIs, Social Media, etc.

Skill :

  • Mastering Algorithms and logic programming
  • Understanding methods, best practices and tools / modeling programming like OOP, design patterns, UML (ability to read and apply)
  • Mastering one or several popular programming languages such as C ++, VB, PHP, C #, Java, Ruby, etc. (for web developers need to also master HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript and AJAX)
  • Understanding of RDBMS and SQL (Structured Query Language)
  • Being able to create a user interface that is user friendly
  • Understanding the Linux OS precedence
  • Certified programming language or a specific achievement precedence

2. System Administrator

Job Responsibilities:

  • Install, Configuration Development, Maintenance Data Center System, and Disaster Recovery System
  • Remote System
  • Development of Automation Systems
  • Maintain confidentiality of user access, Logging Maintenance and routine inspections
  • Documenting the system configuration and its development

Experience Requirements:

  • Graduates of Information Engineering major, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Engineering
  • Experienced in engineering solutions SA related to various projects and operational needs
  • Experience a new install / rebuild existing servers and configure hardware, peripherals, services, settings, directories, storage, etc. in accordance with the standards and project / operational requirements
  • Experience installing and configuring systems such as support infrastructure Data Center application or Enterprise application
  • Experience developing and maintaining installation and configuration procedures
  • Contribute experience and maintain the standard system
  • Having a certificate associated with FOSS precedence

Skill :

  • Thorough knowledge of the Linux operating system
  • Preferred master Redhat or BSD Family
  • Able to conduct research and recommend innovative things related to the automation of system administration tasks
  • Being able to identify the approach that utilizes the resources and provide economies of scale
  • Strong knowledge in Nginx, Memcached, Gunicorn, PostgresSQL (+ PostGIS extentions), MySQL, ProFTPD, NFS
  • Having knowledge in programming Python gets priority

3. Database Administrator

Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop an integrated database schema to accommodate the needs of the business process
  • Implementing database schema and query scripting to support the development of applications and information systems
  • Mapping the old data base (home institution) to a new integrated database
  • Migrate old data base to the new integrated database with reference to the results of mapping and data cleaning

Experience Requirements:

  • Graduates of Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Technology, or any other computer-related majors
  • Experienced in conducting tuning MySQL and ORACLE
  • Certified associated with the preferred database

Skill :

  • Can design, integration, installation and maintain databases in MySQL and Oracle
  • Understanding the concept of a database
  • Can do Tunning Database
  • Ability to design and modify database logic and physical
  • Being able to specify the necessity of data integrity
  • Being able to define the pattern of the database structure
  • Being able to define storage structures and access methods

4. Network Technical Writer

Job Responsibilities:

  • Documenting the Network Engineer jobs and Sys. admin
  • Perform testing appropriate documentation
  • Create manual book for admin, operator, and user
  • Managing Documents
  • User services

Experience Requirements:

  • Graduates Engineering / Management
  • Experience as a Technical Writer preferred
  • Experienced in the use of FOSS applications of multimedia processing and office
  • Certified office precedence

Skill :

  • Having knowledge in the design and documentation software or network
  • Have knowledge of Hardware Networking, Linux, and FOSS

When you meet the qualifications, please send your CV, Portfolio Products (screen-shoot applications ever created and link url) and a recent photo to our email address ( with subjects ‘LOCKERS NOVDES 2014-POSITION’ until 15 December 2014

Download file here .pdf, .jpg, .docx

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