Registration Application

Registration Application

Aplikasi RegistrasiSteps Using the Registration Application :

  1. Open Login using the username and password SSO students
  2. Select the Registration Application on the application list. Here Registration Application menu display.

Aplikasi Registrasi 2

BerandaFill out the questionnaire such as the following view:


Kuisioner 2

Registrasi Mata KuliahPlease do Register:

  1. Checklist on the left column to select the courses that will be taken
  2. Look the class, the maximum number of SKS, and course exceptions and conditional 
  3. Press Add >>, so the course will move to the right column
  4. Checklist on the right column, press the << Remove to cancel the course taking

Registrasi Matakuliah 2

Make sure the registration is done ??that can run well, do check that:

  1. No subjects were clashing
  2. The number of SKS being taken to meet the requirements 
  3. The course may be taken according to the provisions and desirable, including the subject conditional (pre-requisite) and companion course (co-requisite)
  4. If subjects ready filed, select Ready to Be Approved (Ready in ACC)
  5. KSM can be printed after a faculty trustee give approval
  6. Subjects who had clashed with the schedule indicated in yellow. Who have clashing schedules can be anticipated by replacing subjects taken clashing with other academic subjects.
  7. Green box indicates the course in accordance with the course code listed. Ex: TK1054 Course held on Friday at 7:30 to 8:30

Rencana StudiStudy Plan:

  1. Click to view the schedule
  2. Display beside the course indicates there are conflicting schedules. For new students : Make sure the subjects are taken in accordance with the prescribed curriculum appropriate study programs
  3. Button Send Message to Lecturer Guardian: Feature to send a message to the faculty trustee relevant to registration.
  4. Button Ready in the ACC : Click, if possible subjects will not change again, and ready to be approved by the faculty trustee

Status Registrasi Mahasiswa

Student Registration Status:

Make sure all Status Register has been implemented in full. If still status with the status NOT YET, then the registration stage is declared unfinished , and vice versa.


Arsip KSMKSM archives:
Proof Print KSM, please printed and stored. With this, otherwise the registration stage has been completed.

History Proses Registrasi

Kalender Akademik

Download file here .pdf, .docx

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