User Manual Aplikasi Cuti (Pegawai)

Before running the application, make sure the computer has been connected to the Internet, follow the steps below:

a. Select Recommended Browser (Firefox 3.6 +, Chrome 5+, Opera 10.6+, Internet Explorer 9)
b. Fill in the address

User Manual Cuti

d. Enter the username and password SSO employee owned.

e. Select the leave menu located on the dashboard left

Menu Cuti

Menus are contained in the leave application:

1. Flow Submission Employees: contains an overview flow chart for employee leave application.

Alur Cuti

2. Submission of leave: a menu that is used by employee to perform leave application.

Pengajuan Cuti


3. History leave Employees: a menu containing employee leave records from the beginning until the end of submission of leave

Riwayat Cuti Pegawai

Detail Cuti

4. Data leave subordinates: a menu that contains the data of leave subordinates owned and approval process subordinates who do submit leave.

Data Cuti Bawahan

a. Details on leave: an employee leave details are used to perform the approval / rejection

b. History leave: a history recording employee leave do submit leave applicationPersetujuan Permohonan Cuti

Download file here .pdf

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