User Manual Distance Learning For Student

Cover Aplikasi PJJ Mahasiswa

Viewing Course and Syllabus

After a successful login, the student can see the list of courses taken either subject who have passed or subjects ongoing. List of subjects can be seen in the page “Home”


Melihat Matakuliah dan Silabus
Manage Content Module (e-book and video)

The Content can be viewed by selecting the link in the course syllabus on the page “Home”. The Content presented by the sub subject in each course there is. The page to manage Content (e-book and video), namely:

Kelola Modul Materi

Kelola Modul Materi 2

Manage Module Discussion

The discussion will be based on class. Each class is divided into groups of members for each group is determined by the lecturer. Each group was given the same question, but the results of the discussion of a group can not be seen by other groups. Steps to perform discussion:

  1. Select the discussions menu
  2. Select the action “go to the forum” which is available on the subject of the course. The discussion is based subject courses

Kelola Modul Diskusi

3. After that, students and lecturer can discuss based on previous discussions file has been uploaded by a lecturer at the following page:

Kelola Modul Diskusi 2

Manage Quiz

Quizzes will be based on the subject of the course. The steps of the quiz:

  1. Select the quiz
  2. Select the action “do the quiz” in the subject list of courses. Quiz conducted by the subject course

Kelola Kuis

  1. After that, students can do the quiz on the next page:

Kelola Kuis 2

Manage Assignments

Assignments will be made based on the subject of the course. The steps of performing tasks by the student:

  1. Select the assignment menu
  2. Select the action “upload task” in the subject list of subjects.

Kelola Penugasan

  1. After that, the students can do and upload assignments on the following page:

Kelola Penugasan 2

Manage Virtual Class

Virtual Class made base on the subject of a particular subject. The steps of the virtual class entry is:

  1. Select the Virtual Class
  2. Select the action “Join” contained on the subject of the course. After that students can enter into a virtual class

Kelola Virtual Class

Manage profile

Steps changing student profile:

  1. Select the profile menu
  2. Enter the relevant information in the student personal data form provided

Kelola ProfilDownload file here .pdf


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