User Manual Payroll Application

User Manual Payroll Application

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Payroll Application that created by Directorate of Information System use to record and process the employee salary, in which the data is used as basic amount salary that to pay employee on the service they given. Given the important role Payroll Application, then it must be well designed in order to provide services that can help provide information support to the Human Resources unit by giving quality information that is presented in the form of reports. Payroll Aplication navigations in general can be seen in Gambar 1.

Navigasi Aplikasi Penggajian

Tabel Navigasi Aplikasi Penggajian



Accessing Payroll Application requires authentication or checking user permissions. Checking pivilege user at login page, as shown below. Uniform Resource Locator (URL) Payroll Aplication at

This application is designed to be used by existing institutions under the auspices of Telkom Education Foundation (YPT), so that HR admin each agency has an account to access this application. Each institution can only view and modify data in agency employee payroll, except for YPT who can see and change the salary data of all employees in all institutions.


Steps to perform authentication or checkin user permissions on Human Resources Management System is as follows :

  1. Open Employee System at URL
  2. Input username and password at each box, in accordance with the username and password that has been registered in accordance with the user in a .
  3. Click ‘Login’ button

After successful login, user will be sign in the Human Resources system, where one of the menus on the system is payroll. In the menu payroll, there are 6 units submenu required to manage employee payroll. The submenu are as follows :

  1. Employee Payroll
  2. Salary Difference
  3. Employee Allowance
  4. Payroll Component Setting
  5. Report Payroll Bank Transfer
  6. Employee Payroll Report




In this submenu, HR admin can see the amount of revenue,  amount of deduction, as well as the total amount of each employee based on the particular payroll period. This submenu also provides th functionality to generate payroll in a given month based on the salary of the previous month, and also raise the basic salaries of employees.

Penggajian Pegawai

Information Employee Payroll menu display table is as follows :

  • NIP (Employee ID)
: Employee identification number
  • Full Name
: Employee full name
  • Revenue
: Total income of employees payroll in particular period
  • Deduction
: Total deductin of salary in particular period
  • Salary
: Total employee salaries obtained from the amount of income reduced by the amount of deduction in particular period.
  • Action
: Action to change the number of components payroll or view history on previous payroll periods


Generate Payroll is a feature that is used to generate the payroll at certain period. By pressing the ‘Generate payroll’,  then the application will automatically generate payroll refers to the previous month. This button also allows HR administrators to be able to make changes to employees payroll who want to change the amount of the salary components.


If the HR admin has made changes to the salary of each employee and payroll for the month has been implemented, then the HR admin can terminate the payroll period by pressing the ‘Close Payroll’ button. When the HR admin has pressed the button, the payroll for that month can not be changed anymore, it will be assumed completed.


Every year, the base salary of employees will increase by 8%. This feature is provided so that the base salary of each employee will inrcease by 8% automatically to the desired month each time HR admin pressing the ‘Basic Salary Increase’. The percentage of basic salary of an employee of the month will be 108%, but it will be back to 100% in the next month.


Edit Payroll is a feature provided by the HR Payroll Application so that admin can manage the salary of each employee based on the percentage and the amout of the income components and deduction components. In this feature, HR admin can add or reduce the salary component and print paychecks and FNS employees.

Informasi tabel tampilan menu Penggajian Pegawai

Edit Payroll

After completing the changes to the salary of and Employee, HR admin must press the ‘update’ button on the Edit page, So that the salaries of employees on that month is stored into the database

Tabel Navigasi Edit Payroll

Slip Gaji Pegawai

Surat Keterangan Penghasilan Gaji


Bukti Pajak Penghasilan


This feature aims to look at the history of the employee payroll previous periods, but it can not be changed. This feature display the employee salary every month until the last payroll period is closed. In the field of action, will be obvious detail of each component in that month



riwayat penggajian


To generate employee benefits, user must press the ‘Generate Allowance’ button first. After user can select the allowance on the interface that show up. For allowance (THR) can be generated based on religion.

After filling allowances name, amount, and date of payment, as well as religion if its religious Holiday alowance. Press the ‘generate’ button so that benefits appear on the ‘View Employee Allowance’ page.


membangkitkan tunjangan pegawai


Not all employees get the same benefits. For example, education allowances granted only to employee who are studying and financed by Telkom Education Foundation. Thus, needed a feature to add or reduce the types of benefits that are not available to all employees (benefits which can not be generated for all employees or by religion)

To add a component to an employee benefits, press ‘Add New Component’ and select the type of benefits, as well as fill in the date of payment and the amount of benefits received. To reduce the allowance component, press the [-] so that the component is removed from the alowance period. When finished, press the ‘update’ button for the changes saved to the database.

ubah tunjangan


Payroll Component Setting is necessary to add or subtract a component that can be selected when it will include components in employee payroll or employee benefits.

Pengaturan komponen penggajian


Add Revenue Component is a feature to add income components. The steps are as follows:

  • Enter the name of the income component
  • Is the component is mandatory income component, which should be pay every month? Fill in the fields option ‘Regularly’
  • If the component requires detail minimal and maksimal amount number, then press the ‘Add Component Detail’ button. It is used for payroll that require data employee position.
  • When finished entering data revenue component, press the ‘add’ button to keep these component

Add Revenue Component


Add Eeduction Component is a feature to add component pieces to the payroll. The steps are as follows:

– Input the name of the component pieces
– Fill ‘Regularly’ option and ‘Show Period’
– Input the bank name and account number of employees
– When finished entering component pieces data, press ‘Add’ to save these components.


Add Allowance Component is a feature to add allowances components for payroll which then can be set via ‘View Allowance’ page to generate
allowance that have been added. The steps to add allowances components are as follows:

– Input the name of the allowances component
– When finished entering allowance component data, press ‘Add’ to save these components.

Add Deduction Component


Edit Revenue Component is a feature to change the revenue component data for payroll. The steps are as follows:
– Edit the data you want to change
– Make sure all fields have been filled
– Press the ‘Edit’ button so that the changes made are saved in the database

Edit Revenue Component


Edit Deduction Component is a feature to edit the deduction data for payroll. The steps are as follows:
– Edit the data you want to change
– Make sure all fields have been filled
– Press the ‘Edit’ button so that the changes made are saved in the database


Edit Allowance Component is a feature to change the allowance data for payroll. The steps are as follows:
– Edit the name of the allowances component
– Press ‘Edit’ button so that the changes made are saved in the database

Edit Deduction Component


To delete component, whether it is a component of revenue, deduction, or allowance, has the same steps. Here are the steps to delete a component of payroll:
– Press ‘Delete Component’ button
– Then the dialog box will appear as shown below
– Select ‘OK’ if you want to delete the component or ‘Cancel’ to cancel the deletion of components
– If you select ‘OK’, then there will be a confirmation that the component has been successfully removed

hapus komponen


Employee Payroll Reports menu is used as payroll reports for all employees of all existing units within an organization. This report contains all details of income and employees salary deduction that exist in a payroll period, and the amount of salaries paid to employees.

Employee Payroll Report


This menu is aimed to give the report of number of employee salaries to be transferred to the employee’s bank account. Because YPT cooperate with Bank Mandiri, then for filtering banks only provided two types of banks, namely Bank Mandiri and Bank Non-Self.

Laporan Transfer Bank

Bank Transfer Report

Download file here .pdf

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