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iGracias Telkom University

integrated academic application system

DirektoratSistem Informasi


An academic application for integrated operational support of Telkom University, iGracias contains various application modules according to the needs of business process owners to support academic and non-academic activities.


Under the Directorate of Information Systems (SISFO) Telkom University (Tel-U) which is responsible for the development of internal information systems and innovations to provide services to external parties.

Team Work

Totally RISBANGSI teams is 21 persons, consists of;
1 Section Head,
3 Chief of Affairs,
4 Technical Writer,
3 Analysts,
3 Database Engineer,
7 Programmers

Welcome to Research and Development Information System Website

To support the vision of Telkom University to become a World Class University that is actively involved in the development of science and art based on information technology.
In Telkom University all activities are supported by information technology under the brand “iGracias”, iGracias as an enabler, supporting business processes in academic and non-academic activities.

In this website we present various information about iGracias and also the teams behind iGracias. Hopefully with this information, all Tekom University stakeholders can get to know the functions of iGracias and support the use of iGracias as a reference database at Telkom University.

R&D Manager

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Why I Should using iGracias?

As a students, all information about academic process is in iGracias..

As a lecturer, all activities for teaching it’s a must recorded by iGracias..

As a employee, all data profile, activity management, untill payroll is in iGracias..

One Master Data
For all activities

Single Sign On
For all applications

Secret and Safe
Continuous improvement

In House Development
Comply with Accreditation and BAN PT

“If there are input or complaints related to iGracias, please submit via helpdesk ticket at iGracias.”

Submission of application can be submitted via e-memo.

Stages of making applications:

Attach business processes and mock-ups
Attach detailed application request details
Resource discussion meeting and work time
Job report meeting and review
Handover of application

For special request please contact our Director…

“…SISFO is committed to gradually shifting towards customer focus from the previous operational focus. Thus, it is expected that the level of SISFO services can increase and improve.”

Dadang SetiawanDadang Setiawan – Director of Information System

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For all information system development work, it is documented in project management applications, so that it can be monitored and managed properly.

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