Admissions Application

Alur Registrasi Maba

The flow of new student registration :
1. Pay the cost of education

a. the bank will give you a token to verify payment
b. Online registration can be done after at least pay UP3

  1. Register on-line

a. Open the following web page:
b. Login and verify payment
username: (number of participants)

Langkah Aplikasi PMBThe Steps use Admissions application :

  1. Open Select Admission on initial display i-Gracias application
  2. Initial display of admissions application will appear. New student can login according to the number of participants and Password that they have.
  3. Sub-menu of Admission Application

Beranda PMB

Verifikasi PembayaranPayment verification

  1. Select the component of cost appropriate amount of the payment in the bank.
  2. Candidate of students will be given the opportunity to enter the token of payment as much as 5x with the same token. If more than that, please contact our call center.

Status PembayaranPayment Status

  1. If the status of the payment in full, then the candidate of student can print news event. * after completing the personal data and upload the required documents
  2. Make sure the change of payment accordance with the appropriate payment after verifying payment

Mengisi Data PesertaFill out the entry forms

  1. Complete all of the data up to categories of data, sixth point. the display is one of the data that must be filled when complete the data on the fourth pin (Supplementary Data)
  2. If the data is valid and correct, click the save button and proceed

Dokumen Peserta PMBAdmission Participants Document

  1. Enter file appropriate type of the document on the requirements.

Specification Sections:

    • Select 1 to enter the first file type of the document A
    • Select 2 to include a second file with the same types of documents, namely A
    • Select 3 to include the third file types of document A

Berita Acara


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Download file here .pdf, .docx