How to : Activated Two Factor Authentication (TFA) on iGracias

To improve the security of using iGracias, it is recommended that owners of iGracias access enable Two-Step Authentication.

The two-step authentication feature is on the menu: Home > Akun > Pengaturan Auth > Apps-Auth Setting


  1. Login to iGracias

    Login ke iGracias

    Login to iGracias


    Masukkan Username dan Password iGracias

    Enter Username and Password

    At present the activation of Two-Step Authentication can only be done for Students and Lecturers / Staff


  2. Enter the account menu

    002 Menu Apps-Auth Setting

    002 Menu Apps-Auth Setting


  3. Enter the Apps-Auth Settings menu

    003 Menu klik download dan kode autentikasi

    003 Click download menu and authentication code


  4. Download Google Authenticator from the Android and Apple Store

    005 Download Aplikasi autentikator

    005 Download the authenticator Application


    005 Download Aplikasi autentikator - buka

    005 Download the authenticator application – open it


  5. Create Authentication Code Click the “generate” button to get the authentication code

    004 Klik tombol generate autentikasi

    004 Click the generate authentication button


  6. Scan QR Code or enter a code

    006 Scan QR Code atau Masukkan kode otentikasi

    006 Scan QR Code or Enter the authentication code



    007 Scan QR Code

    007 Scan QR Code


    008 Cara scan QR Code

    008 How to scan QR Code


  7. If the QR Code scan is successful, then the authentication application will issue changing numbers

    009 Kode otenstikasi akan keluar apabila berhasil

    009 The authentication code will come out if successful


  8. The login page will be added to enter the authentication code

    010 Halaman permintaan token iGracias

    010 iGracias token request page

Telkom University permanent employees will send a One Time Password (OTP) code via SMS and Whatsapp according to the mobile number listed on the employee profile in iGracias.

Telkom University students are strongly encouraged to enable 2-step authentication using Google Authenticator.

Petunjuk Aktivasi Autentikasi 2 Langkah iGracias


Petunjuk Aktivasi Autentikasi 2 Langkah iGracias

Petunjuk Aktivasi Autentikasi 2 Langkah iGracias


For questions and complaints about IT services at Telkom University, can be submitted via iGracias Helpdesk ticket