Meeting of Directorate Information System Coordination

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Meeting of Directorate Information System Coordination was held on September 22, 2014 in Video Conference RoomBuilding DFloor 2nd.

The meeting discussed:

1. Mr. Tora (Assistant Manager of Academic Information System):

  • Repair the flow of TA (on going)
  • Repair payroll module (last week)
  • Operational room programmers use funds of 3rd quarter

2. Mr. Deddy (Komlac Manager):

  • On-going migration of IP Transit

3. Human Resorce : negotiations staff called to test, re-assessment staff of Information System
4. Mr. Hilfan (Assistant Manager of Research and Innovation IT):

  • Cooperation with Telkom for Application iGracias is still waiting for dummy server  the demo, the price is fixed, then the deal will run between YPT continued with telkom
  • Mobile applications being worked on by Nurcholid and can be demonstrated Monday afternoon, 22 September 2014
  • Dummy database migration to be done by Mr. Tora with the team, the dummy server should be ready Wednesday, September 24, 2014.

5. Mr. Adam (Assistant Manager of  Communication and Services):

  • Reporting application on iGracias will be developed by a team iGracias (Aldy, Feddy)
  • Repository Applications cooperate with the library in order to fit the needs of the library

6. Mrs. Asih (Assistant Manager of Helpdesk and Customer Care):

  • Displacement of rack today with Mrs. Lena vendors, along with wrapping sofa and chair ViCon tried to credit
  • Maximized quarter funds to be used for operational External DVD, repair rack cabinets, procurement headset, keybourd mouse, webcam HD, printer, external hard drive

Directorate of Information Systems.

Telkom University.

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