How To : Forgot iGracias Password

For users of iGracias Telkom University, if you encounter problems forgetting passwords to log into iGracias, then you can follow the steps below to get a temporary password until you can log in to iGracias.

  1. 001 Apabila anda mendapatkan pemberitahuan seperti ini maka artinya anda salah memasukkan username atau password

    001 If you get a notification like this, it means you entered the wrong username or password

    If when logging in iGracias, notice is found as shown above, then that means there is a username or password error input

  2. For those who feel the username is correct, and forget the password, then click the “Forgot Password” menu

    002 Apabila lupa username atau password klik menu Forgot password

    002 If you forgot your username or password, click the Forgot password menu

    Make sure your cellphone number is active.

  3. 003 Masukkan data untuk verifikasi

    003 Enter data for verification

    Furthermore, the system will need data for user verification iGracias, the data needed is username, date of birth, and mobile number that is active, because sending a temporary password is done via SMS.
    It is also necessary to enter keywords, the keywords entered must match exactly the picture (upper and lower case letters must be the same).

  4. If the last 4 digits of the mobile number shown are correct, then click OK, if wrong then click cancel.

    For data whose cellphone number is incorrect, iGracias users are required to come directly to the Helpdesk staff at the 2nd floor of Panambulai Building.

    004 Akan ada verifikasi 4 nomor terakhir nomor handphone anda klik cancel apabila salah nomor hp

    004 There will be a verification of the last 4 numbers of your cellphone number, click cancel if the wrong phone number

    There will be a spinning circle that indicates the process is running, don’t do anything at this time (don’t click the back or refresh button).

  5. 005 Proses reset password berjalan

    005 The password reset process is running

    After all data is entered correctly, then the next step is to click the “Submit” button, and wait patiently until the password reset process is all successful, it usually takes approximately 5 minutes.

  6. A temporary replacement password will be sent via SMS.

    006 Password sementara akan dikirim melalui SMS

    006 A temporary password will be sent via SMS

    Tidak akan ada pemotongan pulsa saat proses pengiriman SMS ini.

  7. It’s time to log in to iGracias according to the username and password data sent via SMS

    007 Menu pilihan login iGracias

    007 iGracias login selection menu

    Ensure that iGracias users log in according to the access rights granted, ie as Students, Lecturers / Staff, Parents of Students

  8. 008 Form Login iGracias

    008 iGracias Login Form

    When in the iGracias login form, if found to enter characters, make sure the characters entered are only characters that are black

  9. The password forgetting guide has finished.

Make sure in advance that your date of birth on iGracias is in accordance with the data on the Indonesian Resident Identity Card (KTP) or Passport (for overseas students) and the Mobile number registered at iGracias is an active mobile number.

Petunjuk Lupa Password iGracias

If there are still problems when following the password forgetting step, please iGracias users to go to the information system service Helpdesk office in Panambulai Building (in front of the ceremony field), 2nd floor, SISFO Helpdesk Room.

Petunjuk Lupa Password iGracias

Petunjuk Lupa Password iGracias


For questions and complaints about IT services at Telkom University, can be submitted via iGracias Helpdesk ticket