iGracias News: Update the strong type password and 2-step authentication feature

IGracias Continuous Improvement continues to be done, with the addition of security features that have now been made namely the use of strong type passwords and 2-step authentication.

1. Strong type password.

This strong type of password feature is presented to meet the security of iGracias users, who are now connected to a variety of third party applications.
The strong password types are as follows:
  1. It must consist of at least 8 characters
  2. Maximum of 12 characters
  3. Has a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters
  4. Has a number between 0 to 9
  5. Have special characters or symbols. list of allowed symbols! @ $ * {} “
  6. Cannot contain a username
This strong type of iGracias password data impacts the entire Single Sign On (SSO) system that is already connected to iGracias, including CeLOETUNEOpenLibraryRepositoryOffice365GAFE (Google Apps For Education)BlogE-Learning, dan CampusLife.
Petunjuk Mengubah Password Menjadi STRONG di iGracias

Petunjuk Mengubah Password Menjadi STRONG di iGracias

Details on how to change the strong type password can be read at https://rnd.is.telkomuniversity.ac.id/strong-password/
Announcement to change the strong password will appear on iGracias from the date of 9 September 2019.

2. 2-Step Authentication.

This 2-step authentication feature adds a security feature to enter iGracias that was previously available, namely through sending tokens via SMS / Whatsapp (specifically for employees). For this 2-step authentication feature is more reliable and easily controlled by each iGracias account owner compared to sending tokens via SMS / Whatsapp.
Petunjuk Aktivasi Autentikasi 2 Langkah iGracias
This 2-step authentication security can be used by all employees and students who have access to iGracias.
For more complete instructions on activating 2-step authentication can be read at https://rnd.is.telkomuniversity.ac.id/auth-igracias/

3. How To Forgot Password iGracias

For iGracias account holders if they have forgotten their password when after changing the password to a strong type, they can follow the instructions on the following web page https://rnd.is.telkomuniversity.ac.id/forgot-password/
It is highly recommended that all iGracias account owners immediately change their password to a strong type, and activate the 2-step authentication feature. If you have questions and complaints about Information Technology (IT) services within Telkom University, please submit via ticket on helpdesk   .

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