Procedure of Information Systems Development

Business Process of Development Information Systems, the business process is officially listed in the document Procedure of Information Systems Development RISBANGSI Unit, Directorate of SISFO. Could be traced in iGracias module, Document Management System with numbers Tel_U-NA-WR1-DSI-RPSI-PR-001 Effective date June 27th, 2016 and was approved by the Vice Rector, Dr. Ir. Heroe Wijanto.

Stakeholders that are involved in the process of developing business information systems are:

Internal party of Telkom University

  1. Head of Division/Manager/Director of each unit in Telkom University as the owner of each business process services, include the related business processes into business process applications. The head of the work unit should submit a written request for development.
  2. The Director of SISFO, as a requests information system development receiver, together with the Head of RISBANGSI decide whether or not to approve request for development.
  3. The Head of RISBANGSI will manage any requests that have been received to be given to each head of affairs, which further do the management of the implementation.
  4. The Head of Affairs will organize human resources (web programmer, database engineer, and technical writer) that is included in a team according to the needs of application development.

Generally speaking RISBANGSI change the services that previously performed manually and paper base becomes supported with computing, stored electronically, and paperless.

In Information Systems Development Procedure document contained information regarding:


The purpose of this procedure is to ensure the information system application development process which is done in-house development by the Directorate SISFO can run properly, including academic information system applications, non-academic information system applications and supporting applications.


This procedure describes the process undertaken by the applicants, Rector, Vice Rector, Director of SISFO, RISBANGSI Manager, Academic and Non-Academic Assistant Manager RISBANGSI  and Academic and Non-Academic RISBANGSI  Staff.


Directorate of SISFO is not responsible for applications that are not developed by the Directorate of SISFO of Telkom University.
Any request for an urgent application and have been approved by the Vice Rector I will be a priority in the development.


  • Applicants are those who apply for the development of applications with the function of Rector, Vice Rector and Director / Head of Division.
  • Directorate of SISFO is Directorate of Information Systems, Telkom University.
  • RISBANGSI is the unit of Research and Development Information System, which is under the Directorate SISFO, Telkom University, chaired by managers RISBANGSI.
  • Related Unit/Section in this case is also called the owner of the process that requires the application of information systems to support business processes run by the units/sections.
  • The Submission of Application Development is a form that has to be filled, contain the reasons, the urgency and general requirement for software applications that are classified as a major development.
  • Major development is the development of applications that changing the business processes and data structures.
  • Submission of Application Development Response Sheets is a memorandum in response to The Submission of Application Development that has been submitted, which contains the approval, delay or a rejection of a particular justification.
  • Document of Management Review Meeting is a file that contains a management system performance review  that will produce some action plans which is necessary for continuous improvement.
  • Document of Software Requirement Specification and Design is a document that describes the various needs that must be met by the information systems applications as well as technicals and interface design.
  • Reference Document is a document that references the entire information system development such as procedures, sample forms, simulation and others.
  • Feedback files are files that contain responses to the development of information system application as input for further development of information system applications.
  • Technical Document is a document that contains technical information on the process of making the entire information system applications.


5.1 ISO 9001: 2008 Clause 6.3 and Clause 7.5.5

5.2 ISO 20000-1: 2011 Clause 4.4.1, Clause 4.4.3, Clause 4.4.4 and Clause 4.4.5


Application Development Procedure



Performance Indicator

Measurement Tools

Measurement Period

Information System Development All of the system requirement specification that has been approved, accomodated properly into a well-designed information system applications. Application Acceptance Official Reports (BAST) Every cycle of information system development


  • Official Memo
  • The Submission of Application Development Form
  • RFC Form
  • Minutes of Meeting
  • Attendance List
  • Software Requirement Specification and Design Document
  • Reference Document
  • Feedback File
  • Technical Document


10.1   Document Revision History

No. Rev. Revision Date Revision Details
00 June 2nd, 2014 First Edition
01 May 4th, 2015 –          Addition of definitions

–          Process description improvements

02 February 11th, 2016 –          Measurement periods changes
03 27 Juni 2016 –          Addition of definition

–         Process description improvements