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The year 2016 was opened by Telkom University with a commitment to provide “Service Excellent” in the framework of the realization of Telkom University as a “World class university in 2017 to support the national competitiveness”, Telkom University is transforming into a professional IT services provider by implementing ISO international standard 20000-1: 2011. One of the main things that should be applied according to ISO 20000-1: 2011 standards is to issue a Service Catalog or also known as a “Service Catalog”. This service catalog is a description of the services provided by Telkom University and its performance targets. For the first phase (revision 01), the scope of services included in the catalog is only the services provided to IT users at Telkom University.

Direktorat Sistem Informasi Telkom University

Description of Services

There are two types of services, namely IT system availability and IT support services, with the following description:
Service Availability The IT system is an IT service that seeks the availability of IT systems for its users 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The availability of this system is measured by the percentage of system uptimedibagi with the total time in a year beyond the planned down time, represented in percentage (%) availability. There are two (2) availability services provided by the SISFO Directorate.
IT Support Services is an IT service provided based on a support request (servicerequest) addressed to the SISFO Directorate. There are several support services that need the approval of the relevant parties to be processed and some other support services can be directly processed without consent. There are 3 (three) support services provided by the SISFO Directorate.

General Terms About Service Subscribe

This service is intended for all work units of IT service users at Telkom University (referred to as customers / users). To that end, Telkom University with a customer representative will approve a service performance contract called Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a duration of one (1) year contract or other specified period. Subsequently, the customer obtains the following rights:
Use the benefits of the availability of IT systems as described in ANNEX A with the level of performance as guaranteed under the SLA.
Obtain interruption settlement support so that service performance as guaranteed in the SLA can be achieved.
Get a service performance report given two (2) times a year.


The purpose of the Compilation of this Service Catalog is to ensure that the quality and details of IT services are clearly defined so that they can be measurable in performance, and ultimately the role and benefits of IT for the achievement of Telkom University’s business objectives can be optimized.

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Service Code SVC -34

Pengembangan Sistem Informasi.

Information System Application Development

Information System Research and Development Division responsible for Information System Application Development at Telkom University

Application based on activity

Application development at Telkom University based on two main activity, academic and non academic.

Information Technology Research

We always to keep uptodate with the newest and stable technology to be adopted in our application, and all must be feet with our team knowledge.


Development of information system applications by the SISFO Directorate, covering the application of academic information systems, non-academic information system applications, and supporting applications. Development of information system applications, originating from requests for new applications and / or development of existing applications.

Academic information systems

Which are built to provide convenience to users in academic administration activities.

Non-academic information system applications

Which are centered on resource governance at Telkom University.

Supporting applications

Basic services that support the information system as a whole.

Coverage of Service Users

startup incubator programs from SISFO for Tel-UAll Telkom University business process owners (Faculties, Units / Sections, Directorates / Fields)

Level Support

1st Level Support Nota Dinas/Memo kepada Direktur SISFO
2nd Level Support Riset & Pengembangan Sistem Informasi

Periods Guarantee:

As a project plan

Service Component:

1) e-Memo (YPT Application)

Dependency with another services:

– Internet access

– E-Mail

– eMemo


Guarantee of minimum availability : 93%



Thus the Service Catalog is delivered with the hope that the benefits of IT services can be felt as much as possible for its users. For further explanation can contact the Directorate of Information Systems Service Desk, extension number: + 62 82319949941, e-mail: helpdesk [@] telkomuniversity.ac.id.

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For all information system development work, it is documented in project management applications, so that it can be monitored and managed properly.

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