Incubator Startup Program Directorat of Information System Telkom University

Program to research and development in applications, collaboration with student of Tel-U

What’s SIP?

SIP - Startup Incubator Programs

Startup Incubator Program (SIP) is the incubation program of research and development of information systems at Telkom University during a certain period and a certain theme (per batch). Which involves students of Telkom University as a software developer and applied technology researcher. SIP is an incubation media for students who want to work part-time basis in the Directorate of Information Systems (SISFO) of Telkom University, long noted as an active student, and not a staff employee so it is not attached to the rights and obligations under the Employment Act of RI.

SIP aims to equip students through project development, applied research, information technology community, and competition, in preparing graduate students to be ready to face the world of industry. What is done in SIP today is to meet the future of information system. Because competitive graduates are not born, but created. Join us and show your best creativity!


SIP advantage for Tel-U Students startup incubator programs from SISFO for Tel-U

  • Increased competence and skills in the field of information systems
  • Directly involved in the field to work on real projects, gain experience managing Software Development Life Cycle
  • Completion of the SIP will be awarded a certificate as a member of the workforce application development projects, TAK certificate, and TAK points, plus fees.
  • Members who follows the SIP with the highest assessment results, will be selected for training “hard skills and soft skills”, and had the opportunity to participate in SISFO Tel-U team.
  • Experience for ready to work in an information technology company.

General Terms SIP Registration

  • Minimum as an Active student of Tel-U.

Dress Code

During the test process, become participants of SIP, and entered the room of the Directorate SISFO Tel-U, each participant must use:

  • Men: shirt and formal trousers / jeans, shoes
  • Women: shirt and skirt / pants formal / jeans, shoesNote:

– Always use the alma mater jacket (shirt with the attributes of the campus) to come out into the room
– Not allowed to use sandals

SIP Period

Each SIP participant will be tested, the test aims to measure each participant SIP Traffic to fit the theme of SIP held.

Further information: