How To : Making a Strong Password on iGracias

For iGracias Telkom University users, how to create a Strong Password on iGracias, here are the steps to get a Strong Password on an iGracias account.

  1. Enter SSO Login on your iGracias account, complete with username and password


    Masukkan Username dan Password iGracias

    Enter your iGracias Username and Password

  2. After entering SSO login, in the top left Dashboard menu iGracias select the Account menu then select My Profile and select Change Password

  3. Next on the Change Password menu the system will need data to fill in the iGracias password, the data that is filled in is the Current Password and New Password (fill in the password according to the instructions)

    Password Creation Instructions:

    • It must consist of at least 8 characters
    • Maximum of 12 characters
    • Has a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters
    • Has a number between 0 to 9
    • Have special characters or symbols. list of allowed symbols! @ $ * {} “
    • May not contain a username
    • Passwords accepted by the system are passwords that have a “STRONG” complexity
  4. See if the New Password entered has a Strong Password, if it has already been Strong click on Update to change the password.

    * If the password entered is still a Weak Password, reset the password to Strong Password (see password creation instructions)

  5. After the password has been updated successfully, it will appear that the change has been successfully changed

  6. It’s time to log in again on iGracias in accordance with the new username and password.

    Login ke iGracias

    Login to iGracias

    Ensure that iGracias users log in according to the given access rights, namely as Students, Lecturers / Staff and Parents of Students

  7. The Guide to Making Strong Passwords on iGracias has been completed.


Instructions on Changing the Password to STRONG on iGracias

If obstacles are still encountered when following the strong password step, please iGracias users to go to the information system service Helpdesk office in Panambulai Building (in front of the ceremony field), 2nd floor, SISFO Helpdesk Room.

Questions and complaints about IT services at Telkom University, can be submitted via iGracias Helpdesk tickets


Petunjuk Mengubah Password Menjadi STRONG di iGracias

Instructions on Changing the Password to STRONG on iGracias